Internet advertising campaigns

The time spent by users on the Internet is currently comparable to the time spent watching television, which makes the Internet one of the most important advertising media.

Campaigns conducted on websites make it possible to achieve marketing goals quickly and efficiently. Such advertising is a critical supplement to search engine campaigns, especially in the case of new products and brands, which must create a consumer need, as well as brand awareness.

Creative design and development

The Internet permits the use of various forms of advertising, ranging from text boxes to display advertisements, animations, videos and advanced interactive widgets. Our advertisements do not only display a high level of artistry, but are also very effective in their marketing aspect.

Digital media planning

The right choice of Internet media enables you to optimise advertising budgets and reach target groups with precision. Our experienced specialists ensure an optimal selection of digital media to achieve marketing goals and the negotiation of favourable discounts.

Advanced contextual targeting

Thanks to contextual targeting, Internet advertising finds its way precisely to consumers interested in the advertised product, just when these potential customers are concentrated on the subject and open to the advertisement’s message. This is why contextual advertising is highly effective and delivers the ability to achieve marketing goals. Our customers benefit from our advanced contextual advertising methods, as well as the management, analysis and optimisation of campaigns.

Behavioural targeting

Modern methods of targeted advertising make it possible to follow users’ web-browsing behaviour, and on this basis to display advertising to audiences interested in a given subject. This means you can utilise media more effectively by identifying the user’s preferences and their current interests.

Retargeting (remarketing)

This particular form of behavioural advertising gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers interested in a given product or service at specific stages of the conversion process. By using appropriate calls to action and indicating competitive advantages, remarketing ads are extremely effective and directly contribute to increasing sales and limiting the capturing of undecided customers by competitors.

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