2014/01/03 19:31

List of all countries for Google AdWords

If you target your AdWords campaign to all countries and territories, you may wish to have bid adjustment for selected countries. However, once you set bid adjustment for certain countries, the campaign targeting changes from “all countries and territories” to selected countries only.

For this reason you may need to add the list of all countries and territories manually.

You can do it fast using AdWords Editor and country ID codes. Currently, the country ID are numbers between 2004 (Afghanistan) and 2900 (Kosovo). However, the list of countries can change, so you should produce in Excel a list of IDs, e.g. between 2000 and 3500.

lista ID

Using “Add many locations”, paste this list to AdWords Editor (giving information that the nubers are country IDs).


Then, press the button “Check locations”.

check locations google adwords editor




The system will verify the locations, add the names and mark the correct ones. You should delete non-recognised IDs now, and the campaign will include the list of all countries and territories.



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